Wednesday 14 February 2018

Sold - Vista 14" CRT Monitor Screens - £29 each

Here are another couple of items that should be of interest to retro computer game fans. They are a pair of Vista brand 4:3 aspect ratio CRT video monitor screens with composite inputs. Whilst not a well known brand, the Vista name is associated with video editing tasks. In fact these were originally from a broadcast environment; although we used them for viewing the stage from backstage at shows.

For sale - Vista 14" CRT monitor screens - £29 each

They are 4:3 aspect ratio screens in PAL (UK) format only. There are picture controls, located beneath a flap on the front, to adjust; brightness and contrast, etc. There are further recessed controls on the rear to adjust horizontal hold, focus, etc.

Vista CRT monitor - recessed controls for brightness, contrast, etc.

The outer casing is made from enamelled black steel, with a plated chassis; all designed to provide years of rock solid service with minimal maintenance.
For CRT, or Cathode Ray Tubes to use their full name, these are quite shallow units, so will take up less space than typical designs. Being a 14" screen they are quite small overall, which will be a better option for anyone who only has bedroom space for their retro game collection.

Vista CRT monitor - quite shallow units

These monitors are still in good working condition, but there are chips and scratches in the finish comensurate with their use in a commercial environment. I have touched the paintwork in for purley cosmetic reasons.

For sale - Vista 14" CRT monitor screens - £29 each

Due to courier restrictions regarding weight and glass content it will not be possible to send out. Collection only from Purley, South London, UK. This is vintage analogue video equipment so feel free to bring your game console or vintage pc rig to test it out when collecting.

It would be a shame to scrap them, if you have further enquiries, leave a comment or message me via the contact page here no dreamers, time-wasters or fantasists please.


15/06/18 - Now sold


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