Wednesday 7 February 2018

Sold - LG 42" Plasma Monitor Screens - £39

Following the theme of re-cycling older technology for retro video games fans, a couple of these LG 42" plasma screens are now available for sale.

For sale - LG 42" Plasma screen - £39

They have inputs for VGA and DVI signals; plus there is also an additional expansion box with 2 Scart inputs and an adapter for composite video input on a RCA phono cable. There is also an aerial input for the built in TV tuner, but I believe it is only for analogue broadcasts which were switched off around 2012.

For sale - LG 42" screen with VGA, DVI, Scart & composite inputs.

The entire unit is of substantial construction and is much heavier than the modern plastic units. The screen is glass fronted, which I always thought was a classy look. It has a built in table stand which can be unscrewed for wall mounting.

It is in good condition, with some light scratches and wear on the case, consistent with its use in a commercial environment.

If you need the full technical specification you can download the owner's manual here

For sale - LG 42" plasma screen - £39

Please be aware that this is a heavy duty and weighty item; due to courier restrictions regarding weight and glass content it will not be possible to send out. Collection only from Purley, South London, UK. Feel free to bring your game console or PC rig to test it out when collecting.

It would be a shame to scrap it, if you have further enquiries, leave a comment or message me via the contact page here no dreamers, time-wasters or fantasists please.


29/04/18 - 1 available in stock, 1 in storage.
05/05/18 - 2 possible buyers for the last screen.
08/05/18 - Now sold


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