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Monday 9 September 2013

Sold - BlackStar 1410 Video Monitor Tester - £25

This is a mains powered Black Star 1410 Video Monitor Tester, a useful tool if you need to test, calibrate or set up visual displays or testing leads and lines, It generates a variety of test signals or patterns for both tv/video and computer graphics with both VGA and RGB outputs.  There is a VGA analogue output on a standard high density 15 way (3 row) D-type connector. It also has legacy digital outputs on 9 way D-type and analogue output on 9 way D-type. There are  R G B with composite and field syncs outputs on BNCs too.

A useful bit of kit for now obsolete analogue video and VGA monitors.  Note that due to age, it doesn't have DVI or HDMI outputs.

Black Star 1410 Video Monitor Tester - VGA and RGB test signals

It is in excellent electrical condition, all the knobs slide freely without crackles. Note that there are three covers missing from the comp sync switches on the front panel. This doesn't affect the function, but is just cosmetically unsightly, see the photo above.

I have priced this at £25 to clear. Feel free to collect, or I can arrange courier delivery within the UK mainland for just £10. Exceptions apply to certain areas though, do let me know your post code first.

If you want to inspect them, or make a purchase, please drop me a line via the contact page here.


02/10/13 - Currently negotiating sale with customer
07/10/13 - SOLD

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Sold - ElectroVoice EV Sx80 Speakers - £120


Adding to the every growing list of audio items is this pair of compact ElectroVoice PA speakers. This pair are already in the workshop for immediate dispatch, plus there are potentially a further 3 pairs available locally in similar condition. There is even the possibility of two pairs of hanging frames if you are interested. If you are looking to build a larger set or hire fleet, get in touch for the latest pricing and availability.

Image of Electro Voice EV sx80 speaker front view
EV sx80 - each pair good for 50-100 people

Here's what the Electro-Voice website has to say about the Sx80:
The Electro-Voice Sx80 is a compact, two way, high-efficiency, constant-directivity speaker system for sound reinforcement and monitoring. The small size, high sensitivity and high power-handling capacity of the Sx80 make it an excellent choice for use in studios, clubs, bars, theaters or other applications. Through extensive use of computer-aided design and modeling, Electro-Voice engineers have developed a state-of-the-art professional loudspeaker system. The high-frequency section of the Sx80 utilizes a molded-in 90° x 65° constant-directivity horn. This unique pattern contributes to high intelligibility and aims the speakers output where it is most useful. Vocals sound natural yet "cut through" in reverberant, noisy rooms. In addition, the coverage pattern is unusually uniform over its range of operation. The horn's unique, VariPathTM throat geometry helps direct driver output to the corners of the room, to points of coverage not described in the usual specifications of horizontal and vertical coverage angles, and to parts of the audience that typically do not receive the strongest coverage. One of the many other unique features of theSx80 is the cabinet. Constructed of high impact paintable, polystyrene it provides a stiff and extremely durable enclosure. The cabinet includes threaded inserts for the optional Sx80MB U-bracket. It also has inserts for installing with an OmniMount® Series 75mounting system.
Features are as follows:
  • 2-Way Full-range
  • Vented LF enclosure
  • 1” voicecoil (titanium diaphragm)
  • PRO™ Driver protection
  • HF-horn features Varipath™
  • Trapezoidal
  • Compact dimensions
  • 7 x M6 and 4 x M5 inserts
Specifications are as follows:

Power Handling - 175 watts continuous, 700 watts peak
Sensitivity - 92 dB (1 watt/ 1 meter)
Coverage - (H x V): 90o x 65o
Input Connectors - Speakon NL4
Compression driver - Electro-Voice DH2005
Woofer - Specially-designed 8-inch
Dimensions- (H x W x D)
Inches - 15.75 in x 11.5 in x 8.75 in
Millimeters - 400 mm x 292 mm x 222 mm
Net Weight - 16 lb / 7.3 kg
Shipping Weight - 18 lb / 8.18 kg
Available accessories - Sx80MBB, Sx80MBW U-brackets, Sx80SMK stand mount adapter

The full tech manual is available for free download here

Image of Electro Voice EV sx80 speaker top view
Sx80 - small size, high sensitivity and high power-handling capacity

The speakers have been used mostly for conference use, plus the occasional music related event. A single pair makes a good pa speaker set up for 50-100 people, two pairs are good for audiences of up to 250. The speakers have just the one connector on them, so for "daisy chaining" pairs together I use a short Y-splitter lead.

Image of Electro Voice EV sx80 speaker back view
Sx80 - just the one connector

A while back I worked with a duo of musicians who did a lot of corporate parties and they used a similar pair as their main pa, including running backing tracks in addition to vocals. With their high power capacity and broad frequency response they were well up to the task.

The speakers are in good condition, there is some scratching to the casing as shown below, the flash on the camera makes it look much worse than it appears to the naked eye.

Image of Electro Voice EV sx80 speaker surface scratches
Sx80 - some scratching to the casing

They will come fitted with stand mount adapters included. There is also a lightweight plastic flight case available to go with them for additional cost, it has foam lining to protect them whilst in transit.

Image of Electro Voice EV sx80 speakers flight case
Flight case available for £40

This model of speaker is no longer manufactured, but some websites still have them listed from £240 and upwards new, don't forget the stand mounts would cost you extra. I have priced these at £120 for a speedy sale.

Feel free to collect, or I can arrange courier delivery within the UK mainland for just £10. Exceptions apply to certain areas though, do let me know your post code first.


08/01/14 - SOLD OUT - Case still available


Sunday 1 September 2013

Sold - Behringer Eurolive F1220 Stage Monitors - £49 each

I bought these a few years ago for a series of gospel shows that needed more monitoring than a normal gig. They came from another pa hire company who had used them for church related music events, they were supplied with heavy duty custom covers. In my experience the sort of companies who look after their kit with covers, don't run things into the ground and are worth doing business with.

Image of a Behringer monitor speaker system - top view
Behringer Eurolive F1220 monitor speaker system

The Behringer brand was built on price and there hs been legal action taken where some product lines have veered too close to being copies of other manufacturers premium brand products. Within the sound industry there is also a great deal of snobbery about the label on items, sometimes this is justified and sometimes this not.

Image of a Behringer monitor speaker system - side view
Behringer - brand snobbery sometimes justified, sometimes not

I was impressed with the solid build of these units, they are constructed from extremely thick ply with a carpet covering. I remember using a Shermann Sound Systems pa that was built to similar levels of ruggedness. In some respect they could be too solidly built, each monitor weighs as much as some bass bins. Still, if you're young and fit, or better still have a suitably ape like humper to shift stuff around, life will be sweet. Unusually it is worth noting that these units can be run passively or can be bi-amped with separate amplifiers for the bass and treble drivers. In my experience this is quite a high end option, especially on what many would consider to be a budget unit.

Image of a Behringer monitor speaker system - custom cover
Speaker covers - we don't run things into the ground

The sound was up to scratch too, the only complaint I remember was that they could be too bass heavy, which is not bad for a 12" driver. Behringer themselves have the following to say...
The BEHRINGER EUROLIVE F1220 monitor speaker system is specially designed to provide the musician on stage with the same power and clarity that our EUROLIVE full range systems offer, ensuring first-class monitoring in any situation. With its custom-made high-power 12" woofer and 1" titanium HF driver, the F1220 delivers plenty of sound for a variety of applications. In addition, the system can be operated in passive full range or active bi-amping mode. 
This is the full specification:
  • 200 W (RMS)/400 W (pink noise), nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Extremely high sound pressure level (95 dB full space 1 W @ 1 m)
  • 50 Hz – 18 kHz frequency response (-10 dB)
  • Switchable bi-amping mode
  • 1" titanium diaphragm for brilliant, natural high-frequency reproduction
  • BEHRINGER CD horn technology for optimal wide-angle dispersion (90° x 40°)
  • BEHRINGER HF driver protection
  • Ultra-rugged carpet covering for efficient cabinet protection
  • Recessed, ergonomically shaped die-cast handles
  • Rugged steel grille plus acoustically transparent polyester foam for optimal speaker protection
  • 2 different cabinet angles
  • Professional connectors compatible with Neutrik® Speakon®
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
Read more at the Behringer website here

Image of a Behringer monitor speaker system - input panel
Behringer F1220 monitor - capable of bi-amping

Manufacturer's marketing copy is one thing, but it seems that real world musicians like the  Eurolive F1220 monitors too, there are favourable reviews to be found here at Musiciansfriend.com giving them the highest 5 star average rating, pretty much across the board.

I currently have 3 at the workshop to clear, custom covers included, there is also the possibility that I can source a further unit locally, without a cover, if you would like to make up a full set of 4. They are all still in good presentable condition, there are one or two tiny wear holes in the carpet about the diameter of a ball point pen in places. The electrics are in fine shape. The branding shown in the images will be removed prior to sale to their new owners.

They are priced at £49 each to clear, courier delivery available for a further £15, or if you are buying a batch, I can deliver any quantity of 2 or more personally on the following price scale:
  • Within the M25 - No charge
  • 50 miles from London (e.g. Brighton) - £20
  • 100 miles from London (e.g. Coventry) - £30
  • 200 miles from London (e.g. Sheffield) - £55
  • 300 miles from London (e.g. Newcastle) - £80
If you want to inspect them, or make a purchase drop me a line via the contact page here


02/11/13 - Currently under negotiation for sale as a set of four.
05/11/13 - Sold Out