Monday 9 October 2017

Sold - Peavey SP2 Touring Speakers - £60 pair

This pair of Peavey SP2 touring style speakers are an interesting blast from the past. They are large units, bulkier and a whole lot heavier compared to modern plastic flyweight designs. Quite literally, "they don't make em like they used to". Bear in mind that depending on your; age, physique and fitness they could be quite a struggle to lift on your own (do you even lift bro?). They will fit into a medium sized car, but you might struggle with a small city hatchback.

For sale - Peavey SP2 speakers - £60

The cabinet is constructed from plywood with a black wood stain type finish, this in my opinion is a more professional and preferable finish to carpet covered versions. They are still solid but could use a fresh coat of paint, one high frequency unit has a small chip missing from the horn flair.
The 15" Black Widow® drivers don't quite generate modern levels of bass and will rattle if pushed too hard. Don't be put off by the modest power handling specified for these speakers. They are from an age before the advent of the "Chinese Watt". They are modest long term average figures and not some fanciful peak amount that could only be generated for a matter of milliseconds.

Peavey SP2 - 150 Watts handling - not Chinese Watts !

We used them as workshop speakers for a number of years and they are great for making some noise in a large space. They would be ideal in a permanent install in a bar or club, used either as full range unit or preferably with additional sub bass cabinets to provide an additional lower octave of tone.

They are priced at £60 for the pair, collection from South London is preferred, but pallet delivery would be possible (estimated £75), at the buyer's expense.

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10/12/2017 - Now sold.


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