Monday 4 March 2019

Sold - Vintage Microsoft Office XP Keyboard & Mouse Kit - £15

Originally bundled with the Microsoft Office XP pro software suit around 2002, this keyboard and mouse kit have seen very little use. The keyboard is quite a beast, the amount of desktop real estate it takes up was the main reason why it spent nearly two decades sitting in a drawer. It's size is mainly due to the many additional hot keys for software shortcuts, plus the mouse style scrolling/zoom function controls.

For sale - Microsoft Office XP keyboard - £15

Features and Functions with the Microsoft Office Keyboard are as follows:
  • Single Touch Pad -  One-touch access to everyday commands. Cut, Copy, and Paste. Back and Forward for quick Internet browsing. Application Toggle to switch between windows.
  • Office XP Integration -  Access to Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Task Pane key opens the Office XP task pane, putting relevant features for common tasks just a touch away.
  • Enhanced Function Keys (F Keys) -  Simplified F key commands give you access to common tasks, such as New, Open, Close (documents), Reply, Forward, or Send (e-mail).
  • Keyboard Scroll Wheel -  Move around in documents easily without using the on-screen scroll bar, saving time and effort.
  • Improved Number Pad -  Common numeric functions such as "=", "(", ")", BACKSPACE and TAB are conveniently positioned above the number pad for easier input of formulas in Microsoft Excel.
  • More Customizable Keys -  Reassign most of the Hot Keys and function keys to perform a command or open a file or Web page.
  • Sleep* and Log Off Hot Keys -  Put your computer into "sleep" mode (such as suspend, standby, or hibernation) right from the desktop.

Microsoft Office XP keyboard, has many additional keys

The mouse was one of the first to offer infra red tracking. It incorporates a scroll wheel, plus additional side buttons.

For sale - Microsoft Office XP keyboard, has seen minimal use

Both items have seen very little use and are still in mint condition. Priced at £15, which includes delivery within the UK (Highlands and Islands excepted).
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