Monday 7 October 2019

For Sale - IR10E Vintage Silicon Diodes - £0.99 for 10

These are IR10E marked silicon diodes, I have been unable to glean much from my research other than that they may have been used in some Hi-Fi applications.

For sale - IR10E silicon diode - £0.99 for 10

If I can garner further information about these IR10E silicon diodes I will update this post. The chances are that if you are here you already have an application for them and need stock.

Get yours now, whilst stocks last, 10 for just 99p.

Delivery within the UK is £2.99, I can send to Europe and Worldwide too; but please ask for a quote first, as rates vary greatly between countries and are prone to rapid price fluctuations. Items will be sent in a padded "Jiffy Bag" type envelope to ensure safe delivery.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries.


28/02/20 - Over 100+ in stock


  1. Hello will you ship silicon diodes IR 10E to Canada ?
    What is the shipping cost?
    Thank you Manny

    1. Thanks for the comment and messages, yes hopefully we can sort you out shipping to Canada.

  2. Can you express ship to Australia?

  3. Yes, providing you pay for the surcharge.