Monday 25 March 2019

For Sale - Mini Cube Flightcases - £49

I have three of these smaller (almost) cube shaped cases to sell. Their external dimensions are 41 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm, a practical size which could squeeze conveniently into the back of a small car.

For sale - mini cube flight cases - £45

Branded as Unicase they are constructed from lightweight plywood covered with a hard wearing black textured plastic finish. They are currently in very presentable condition and ready to be put back into service.

The interior is lined with high density foam; should this is not be to your liking, you should be able to remove the foam with a sharp wallpaper scraper in a matter of minutes.

For sale - flight case suitable for laptop computers - £45

All cases have three plywood and aluminium divider pieces. The space between the dividers are 2  35cm x 10cm sections and one 35cm x 7cm section. The divider pieces are held in place with rivets, for those that want to utilise the maximum capacity of the cases it would be possible to drill out the rivets and remove the dividers.

There is a substantial hinged lid, it is held in place by two butterfly catches. There is a flip out carrying handle in the lid. There are ball protection ends on each corner.

Internal dividers could be removed for larger items

In summary, these are well made cases in good condition and are a practical and useful size. They are a great size for people who need to carry their kit in a hatchback and move items single handed.

This style of flight case is usually quite expensive and could cost from £120 upwards new. These are priced at £49 each, the price includes delivery within the UK. I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.

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