Wednesday 31 January 2018

Sold - Albiral 21" Industrial CRT Video Monitor - £39

I have recently seen a lot of love amongst retro video games fans for old Sony Trinitron CRT monitors and thought this similar item might be of interest. It is an Albiral CRT 4:3 aspect video monitor screen with composite, s-video and RGBS inputs. Whilst not a well known brand, Albiral have been producing high end industrial and commercial monitors for decades, rugged kit designed to provide years of rock solid service with minimal maintenance.

For sale - Albiral CRT monitor, ideal for gamers - £39

This 21" unit looks a lot like the ones we used to build video walls with when I first started doing events in the early '90s.

Retro 90s video wall
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It's a 4:3 aspect ratio screen in PAL (UK) format. Of special interest to vintage computer and retro game lovers; it not only has inputs for composite video and S-video, but also RGBS (Red, Green, Blue & Sync). I don't recall ever using the RGBS inputs, I assume they will work with standard UK PAL and quite possibly sync to some of the lower resolution VGA (640x480) frequencies too.

For sale - sturdy Albiral CRT monitor - £39

The outer case is all metal. It is currently housed in a substantial flight case, which can be included for an additional amount, should this be of interest. Please be aware that this is a heavy duty and weighty item; due to courier restrictions regarding weight and glass content it will not be possible to send out. Collection only from Purley, South London, UK. This is vintage analogue video equipment so feel free to bring your game console or vintage pc rig to test it out when collecting.

For sale - Albiral CRT monitor with RGBs connections

It would be a shame to scrap it, if you have further enquiries, leave a comment or message me via the contact page here no dreamers, time-wasters or fantasists please.


22/04/18 - Now sold


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    1. It sold in early 2018 to someone who was restoring arcade games machines.