Wednesday 24 January 2018

Sold - Mackie SA1521 Active 15" 2-way Speakers - £599 the pair

For sale are 2 Mackie SA1521 Active 15" 2-way Speakers, available as a matched pair, complete with custom padded covers.
They have been protected by soft covers from new and used mainly for conference or awards use, plus the odd private party. They are in near mint condition and have proved to be reliable units, offering an impressive, room filling output for their size. Yet they are small enough to fit in a hatchback car with space to spare and can be lifted by a single person (but watch your back).

For sale - Mackie SA1521 active speakers - £599 (pair)

Each speaker contains a 500W amplifier and boasts a 133dB output level. They can be pole or subwoofer mounted, but for safety reasons will require heavy duty stands with a wide footprint. Please ask about suitable stands if you don't already own them.

The front grill is made of a very sturdy steel construction. And just like a touring cabinet, the trapezoid shaped cabinet is made from marine plywood, not the flimsy moulded plastic found on typical budget units.

Mackie SA1521 - front grille is made of a very sturdy construction

  • Designed for extreme accuracy, high output, and smooth dispersion across the entire audio frequency range
  • 15" high efficiency, light mass woofer
  • RCF Precision titanium compression HF driver with wide dispersion, low-distortion horn
  • 500W of amplifier power
  • Active control electronics
  • 133dB output
  • Complete electronic and component protection circuitry
  • Electronic equalisation, time correction, and phase alignment
  • Professional trap-design enclosure
  • Recessed handles
  • Built-in pole mount cup on bottom
Mackie SA1521 speakers - in near mint condition

Pair these with a set of Mackie Subs and you can handle almost any room. They are a little heavy, but remember the amps are built in! They sound just as good at the back of the room as they do in the front. Can easily handle a small outdoor event (using only one pair). If you need to do a large venue, they daisy chain together with no loss of signal. I've owned these for over five months with no trouble at all (play every weekend). Would like to hit a couple week long gigs to see how they holdup (one year warranty). Sound wise...I haven't heard anything better...I've used Peavey/JBL/EV and a few lesser brands, the Mackies are every bit as good and somewhat better than all. Crisp Highs, Excellent Mids and Deep Lows They are a little expensive for small working bands, but at least you don't have to buy an amp.

Mackie SA1521 active speakers

They are in excellent, near mint condition and are priced at £599 per pair including the soft covers. The sole fault I can find is that on one the led light in the grille doesn't illuminate. You are welcome to collect from South London, it might be possible to send via pallet to your UK address. But please note that delivery will be extra and should be around £70 for most UK locations, excluding the Highlands and Islands.

If you want to inspect them before making a purchase, or have further enquiries please drop me a line via the contact page here


01/07/18 - Now sold


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