Monday 8 June 2020

Sold - Vintage HP Compaq nx9105 "Thad" Laptop PC - £50

This Compaq HP nx9105 laptop computer is one of a fleet of machines that used to be our conference delegate registration badge system, around 2002-8. They were not dry hired and have remained an amazingly well preserved time capsule of the early Noughties period of business computing. The nx9105 styling is similar to the Panasonic Toughbook range of laptops.

For Sale - Vintage HP Compaq NX9105 Laptop PC - £50

This example with the fleet name "Thad" hasn't seen active service in the last 5 years, but fired up immediately without issue and has continued to run on soak test reliably. The battery has lost the ability to hold charge, which is unsurprising given the unit's age; likewise it is fair to assume that the Bios battery may need to be replaced soon too.

For Sale - HP Compaq NX9105, in excellent condition - £50

As with the other ex corporate laptops currently for sale, it has been cased it's entire life and used relatively little compared to a personal item. It is still in excellent presentable condition, you won't find a similar example anywhere else, I know, I checked. The only fault I could find was one missing rubber pad on the base.

For Sale - HP Compaq NX9105, has 3 USB ports - £50

It has a decent XGA 1024 x 768 resolution LCD screen, the backlight is bright and reliable offering good visibility under office lighting.

The hardware specification is as follows:
  • 2.8 GHz AMD Athlon mobile processor
  • 256 Mb of Ram memory
  • 37.2 Gb hard drive
  • nVidia graphics card
  • CD/DVD drive
  • USB ports x 3
  • S-Video output port
  • VGA output port
  • Parallel port
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Network port
  • Modem
  • Firewire port
  • PCMCIA card slot
  • SM/SD/MMC/MS/Pro card slot
  • Expansion port
For Sale - HP Compaq NX9105 laptop, Windows XP operating system - £50

It has the original Windows XP installation with a Microsoft certificate of authenticity sticker.

For Sale - HP Compaq NX9105 laptop, with parallel and VGA ports - £50

MS Office 2003 productivity suite is installed, along with some media utility programmes.

For Sale - HP Compaq NX9105 laptop, with Firewire & card reader ports - £50

The AMD Athlon processor and nVidia graphics card offer good performance for vintage PC game aficionados. There is an empty, easily accessed Ram expansion slot. With such a wide variety of ports and drives it could be a useful media hub for a vintage computer fan. The Firewire port could also be used with an external capture card to record retro computer game console action. The S-Video output is good for use with consumer grade retro CRT displays.

It is priced at £50,  the price even includes delivery within the UK. I can send to Europe or even Worldwide too, but please ask for a quote first as rates vary greatly between countries and are prone to rapid price fluctuations. Due to PayPal terms and conditions an item has to be sent by a tracked service to your registered PayPal address.

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12/09/20 - Now listed on eBay see
19/09/20 - Now sold


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