Saturday, 13 July 2013

For Sale - RD75EB2 Vintage Zener Diodes - £0.99 for 10

The RD75EB2 is a zener diode, its specifications are as follows:

Semiconductor material - Silicon
Zener voltage (Vz) - 7.11 - 7.41 V
Zener currrent (Iz) - 20 mA
Dynamic Impedance (Z) - 8 Ω
Reverse Current - 0.5 µA
Package type - Axial

You can download the full data sheet here

For sale - RD75EB2 Zener diodes for regulated power supplies - £0.99 for 10

The RD75EB2 is of particular note for its use in regulated power supplies.

Get yours now, whilst stocks last, 10 for just 99p.

UK postage & packaging costs just £1, Europe and the USA around £2.50 for regular air mail. Items will be sent in a padded "Jiffy Bag" type envelope to ensure safe delivery.



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