Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sold Out - V06B Hitachi Vintage Silicon Diodes - £0.99 for 10

The V06B by Hitachi is a general purpose diode, its specifications are as follows:

Semiconductor material - Silicon
Forward voltage drop (Vf) - 1.4 V
Max Forward Currrent (Ifm) - 1.1 A
Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) - 100V
Leakage Current - TBC
Junction capacitance - TBC
Power Dissipation - TBC
Package type - Axial-B Glass Encapsulated

V06B - general purpose diode

The V06B was used in a variety of audio applications, of particular note is its use for  power rectification and regulation in audio amplifiers.

Get yours now, whilst stocks last, 10 for just 99p.

20/09/13 - I was recently asked about stock levels for this item, at this point in time there is a single batch of 50 left.
28/09/13 - All current stock sold out.


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