Hi, I'm Mark Kinnon and I've been running my own businesses profitably since 1991. The origins could be traced back to the day I sold my best friend my Action Man collection at the age of 9 and I've never looked back.

After school I trained in electronic engineering and then spent a miserable six years working in education, before making the break into the world of audio visual services and industrial theatre. Along the way I have amassed a fine collection of Audio Visual equipment. Some items were bought as and when they were needed, some were even built from from scratch, where there was no readily available commercial product.

Times have change recently and I need to "sweat my assets", I have be hard nosed, if it is taking up space and not going out earning its keep, it has to go. It pains me, I love to own interesting "kit", but they have to be a assets, not liabilities.

Furthermore, taking a look around the workshop, I realised that there are an awful lots of odds and ends saved from various installations and modifications, none of which I am ever likely to re-use.

So if you are on the look out for some top quality second hand equipment, this could be the ideal opportunity to pick up the best deal in town. Almost everything on offer has lead a pampered life in a corporate environment, much will have been flight cased from day one. Some items may have only been used a couple of times a year!
In short you can buy as new items for used and worn out prices.

If you have any queries please check out the FAQs section, if this doesn't answer your questions, please drop me a line here.


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