Tuesday 19 December 2017

Sold - Interspace Combo Cue 2 Cue Lights - £50 each

For sale are a selection of Interspace Industries Combo Cue 2 cue light systems. Although they aren't exactly a household name Interspace Industries, a small UK based company, has a worldwide following within the events and broadcast TV industries. This reputation is built upon simple, usable practical features and industrial levels of reliability.

For sale - Interspace Combo Cue 2 cue light - £50 each

The Combo Cue 2 not only has a visual display of "Next" and "Back" cues received; but it also has a balanced line level audio / headphones output on a 1/4" socket.
The headphones output is great if you need to follow remote show cues when the visual display is out of your sight line; such as when you have to watch computer screens, or perhaps taking a quick nap to "rest your eyes"! These tones can be adjusted internally with dip switches to different sounds.

For sale - Interspace Combo Cue 2 cue light - £50 each

The line level output can also be fed into a show communications headset system, so that many technologists can follow the same timing cues from a single source on stage.
We also found that the balanced audio output was great to feed into a workshop pa system, as a high tech door bell system which could be boosted to high levels and heard over any other noises.

Two remote control handsets are included, these run on a single PP3 9 Volt battery and would give around 5 years use.

There is a discrete laptop style power supply included that uses a regular IEC 230 Volt mains lead. A standard UK mains plug is fitted, it can be easily and cheaply swapped for Schuco or other European mains connectors.

For sale - Interspace Combo Cue 2 cue light - £50 each

These Interspace Industries Combo Cue 2 cue light systems are still in excellent condition. Their original price would have been around £300 but they are available for just £50 to clear, the price even includes delivery within the UK. I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.

Look carefully and you will spot the distinctive Interspace hand remote on some of the popular TED series of lectures.

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24/12/17 - 1 unit sold, 2 more available
03/06/20 - 1 unit sold, 1 more available
13/09/20 - Sold out


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