Monday 11 December 2017

Sold - DJ Mixer / Turntable Flight Case - £49

This flight case used to house a D.J. mixer unit, the dimensions are; 51cm x 43cm x 19cm, a neat size that will fit into the smallest of boot spaces. The case is constructed from plywood covered in stucco pattern aluminium.

For sale - flight case perfect for a DJ mixer - £49

Internally the case is tastefully finished in black wood stain, there is no foam or other padding. It has a single butterfly catch, with the facility to lock it with a small padlock, a single leather carrying handle and 3-rivet ball corners.

Image of DJ Mixer flight case internal view
Mixer flight case for sale - finished internally in black wood stain - £49

The lid is on lift-off hinges and there is a cable access hole to the rear, so you can leave the piece of kit permanently in the case, leave your cables permanently connected and just run them out to where they're needed.

Image of DJ Mixer flight case back view
Access hole to the rear - leave your cables permanently connected

This style of flight case is usually quite expensive and could cost from £99 upwards new. I have priced it at £49 for a speedy sale.

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23/05/18 - Now sold


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