Saturday 5 October 2013

Sold - Sennheiser EW500 Hand Held Radio Microphone - £199

As part of the ongoing rationalisation of the live sound department, there will be some radio microphone kits to clear. Starting off with this rather plush Sennheiser EW500 hand held microphone kit, it is the 1st generation or G1 version of the series, as it is more commonly known.
At the time of purchase it was the top of the range unit, costing around £500, it has only ever had light use and is still in mint condition.

It last got an outing in June 2013 at an outdoor event and I was blown away at just how good these units sound, with a rich powerful proximity effect, that flatters a male voice, but with lots of top end that is great for female vocals too and a subtle presence lift that helps any voice to cut through the mix.

This unit is set to work in Range E covering frequencies from 838 – 870 MHz, this covers the "Licence Free" frequencies in Channel 70, along with the former shared frequencies in Channels 68/69.
Since 2012 it has become illegal to use Channels 68/69, but Channel 70 is still perfectly legal to use.  Thanks to the excellent selectivity of Sennheiser equipment compared to some other manufacturers,   there are 4 possible frequencies you can use simultaneously in Channel 70 without encountering intermodulation issues.

At two of the sites I supply services to, we have tested this plan in a real world situation and it works perfectly well without any gremlins.

Here's a some extra salient information gleaned from the Sennheiser website
With the evolution wireless Series ew 500, Sennheiser offers musicians, video
and sound amateurs, reporters and private broadcasters high-quality
state-of-the-art RF transmission systems with a high level of operational
reliability and ease of use. Transmitters and receivers permit wireless
transmission with studio-quality sound. Due to further optimised PLL and
microprocessor technology, the HDX noise reduction system and true diversity
technology (excluding pocket receivers), these transmission systems ensure
interference-free transmission and minimise dropouts in the RF link.
The systems can be supplied in five frequency ranges within the UHF band.
Please note: Frequency usage is different for each country. Your Sennheiser
agent will have all the necessary details on the available legal frequencies for
your area.
Range A: 518 – 550 MHz,
Range B: 630 – 662 MHz,
Range C: 740 – 772 MHz,
Range D: 790 – 822 MHz,
Range E: 838 – 870 MHz.
ew 500 transmitters and receivers each have 16 frequency memories to store
your selection out of 1280 transmission/receiving frequencies which are freely
selectable within the preset frequency range.
Each system has 16 factory-preprogrammed frequency memories, so that
– the systems are ready for immediate use after switch-on,
– several systems can be operated simultaneously on the factory-preset
transmission and receiving frequencies without causing intermodulation
interference. However, all frequency settings can be changed to your
individual needs, if required.
Each system consists of
– a receiver (mains or pocket)
– a hand-held/pocket/plug-on transmitter and
– comes complete with all necessary accessories.
You can read more by following this download link

The price is £199, although this is not cheap, do bear in mind that this is a top of the range item in near mint condition, if you can find better, drop me a line via the contact page and I will do my best to match it.

Sennheiser EW500 - blown away at just how good these units sound

It will be supplied in a small lightweight flight case, with padded foam cut outs for the receiver, transmitter, power supply and a couple of batteries. The original hard copy operator's manual will also be included.

Feel free to call and collect, alternatively, carriage by courier will be £10.


20/11/13 - Currently under negotiation for sale.
23/11/13 - Now sold


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