Wednesday 20 November 2013

Rigging Hardware - Optikinetics Opti Trilite Truss Collection

This week is a bit of a hiatus from the recent flurry of work and I have had a chance to set about clearing out some Optikinetics Opti Trilite trussing that isn't getting used as much as it should. If you've made it to this page, you probably don't need to be told how useful trussing is, or the multitude applications it has. But I bet you didn't know that Truss is derived from Old French trousse, which means "collection of things bound together".

Originally bought by a company as their exhibition stand, I used it for a number of jobs, most notably in a "goal post"configuration in a room with a terrible low ceiling. Thankfully that room is not used for events any more, but then neither is my Trilite trussing.

So here's a quick list of parts of the parts I am collecting:

9 of 2 Metre straight sections, part number 2TR2000
2 of 1 Metre straight section, part number 2TR1000
3 of 0.6 Metre straight sections, part number 2TR600.200
2 of 90 degree 2 way right angle sections, part number 2TR5290
2 of small base plates, part number 3ABP3T 
Huge number of truss joiners, nuts and bolts

The 2 Metre sections are too long to send by regular courier service, so they will have to be collected. For multiple items I would be able to arrange personal delivery, as has been the case with other oversized items listed on this website.

Time to move this truss!

Don't forget Opti Trilite 200 is the original aluminium truss system,it is a highly versatile, strong 2 inch aluminium tube truss system used in exhibition halls all over the world.  Opti Trilite is perfect for all types of temporary or permanent structures inside or out.

OPTI Trilite 200 is produced in three formats Ladder (2 main tubes), Triangular (3 main tubes) and Quad (4 main tubes). Here are its key features
  • Opti Trilite 200 has a simple M10 Nylock high tensile nut and bolt system
  • Opti Trilite 200 is quick and easy to assemble
  • Opti Trilite 200 has great length to weight and loadbearing qualities
  • Opti Trilite 200 has 10 Straight Lengths from 0.4m to 8.0m
  • Opti Trilite 200 Curved Sections to maximum length of approximately 2.0m to any radius over 0.8m
  • Opti Trilite 200 has junctions from 2 Way to 6 Way in all formats
  • Extensive range of Opti Trilite 200 Accessories


21/11/2013 - I posted the above picture on the Dodgy Technicians Facebook Group and created quite a stir, my method of transportation seemed perfectly legit to me.
21/11/2013 - 2 sections of 2 Metre sold and collected.
23/11/2013 - 2 sections of 2 Metre, 1 section of 1 Metre and 2 base plates sold and collected.


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