Monday 12 August 2019

For Sale - 1S2638 Vintage Varicap Diodes - £0.99 for 5

The 1S2638 is a variable capacitor or varicap diode intended for; AFC and VHF TV applications, FM receivers, aircraft communications gear and all other applications in the 1-500 MHz spectrum.
Its specifications are as follows:

Semiconductor material - Silicon
Breakdown Voltage - 10 V
Max Forward Currrent (Ifm)- 250 mA
Junction capacitance - 5-20 pF
Power Dissipation - 350 mW
Package type -Axial Glass

You can download the full data sheet here

For sale - 1SC2638 varicap, for AFC & RF circuits - £0.99 for 5

The 1S2638 was used in a variety of radio applications in radio tuning circuits.

Get yours now, whilst stocks last, 5 for just 99p.

Delivery within the UK is £2.99, I can send to Europe and Worldwide too; but please ask for a quote first, as rates vary greatly between countries and are prone to rapid price fluctuations. Items will be sent in a padded "Jiffy Bag" type envelope to ensure safe delivery.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries. 

21/02/20 - 10 left in stock


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