Monday 20 May 2013

Sold - Mullard EF95 Vintage Valves - £3.99

On offer is a single new old stock Mullard EF95 valve. This is what The National Valve Museum has to say about the EF95...
The EF95 is a low noise RF voltage amplifying pentode, designed to operate at VHF. Mullard introduced the valve in 1952 as a direct equivalent to the American 6AK5.
The quoted noise factor at 180 MHz is 3.5.
See 6AK5 for more details. See also M8100 for the special quality version.
The thin glass tube envelope is 17 mm in diameter and excluding the B7G base pins measures 36 mm tall.
Vintage Valves - Mullard EF95
Vintage Valves - Mullard EF95

So why go for old tubes?
Old tubes were made so well that they last much longer than current production tubes. Preamp tubes have been known to last around 30 years, or around 20,000 hours. That's practically a lifetime for a tube amp.
In most cases, vintage tubes sound better than their modern counterparts. The quality in manufacture of these tubes has a large effect on the sound, particularly in preamp valves. You really have to try some vintage tubes instead of modern production ones to experience just how better they sound, they make your amp come to life. The more gain your amp uses the less noticeable this effect may be, as in some high gain amps, transistors or diodes are used to get more gain instead of tubes, so the tubes will be less important.
Get them while you can - since these tubes are obviously no longer being made, once they're gone they're gone - and prices are always going up.
Perfect for vintage valve guitar amplifiers and radio restoration. If you have any questions, just ask.


02/11/13 - Last Remaining Stock Sold Out 


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