Monday, 27 October 2014

For Sale - ADB profile lantern stage light - £75 each

On offer is a set of 4 ADB profile zoom lanterns. Note that lantern is the term used in the theatre world for lights and this type of design is ideally suited for the controlled spot lighting of stages, projection of gobo effects, etc. The set can be split and sold individually if that is what you want. There's no bespoke flight case available for these, but there are plenty of cheap flight cases listed here from £50 upwards.

Profile lanterns for sale - buy as a set or individually

They have been used exclusively for conference or awards use, they are in very good condition and have proved to be very reliable, requiring little more than the occasional lamp change. Because they have been on the road, the levers for the shutters are a bit bent in places, but spares are available here alternatively with a little time and patience they could be straightened out.

Profile lanterns for sale - comes with safety wire

The mains cord is terminated with a standard lighting 15 amp round pin plug. Modestly priced at £75 each, which includes; lamp, safety wire, shutter and gel frame. Bear in mind that it would cost about £200 new for that combo and a lamp. G clamps are not included, but are available for a small additional cost.

Profile lanterns for sale - reliable road warriors

They are ready for collection in South London, or they can be sent out by courier at your expense for around £10 or if you are after a batch, you can save with personal delivery for the following cost:

    Within the M25 - No charge
    50 miles from London (e.g. Brighton) - £20
    100 miles from London (e.g. Coventry) - £30
    200 miles from London (e.g. Sheffield) - £60
    300 miles from London (e.g. Newcastle) - £90

If you want to inspect them before making a purchase drop me a line via the contact page here


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