Where are you based? - I am based in the South of London, England. Junction 6 of the M25 is just over 10 minutes away by car, the centre of London only 40 minutes by train and Gatwick airport about 30 minutes by train.

Where do you send to? - I can send to just about anywhere if you can afford the cost. The most popular destinations are the UK and the U.S.A. Occasionally items get sent to some of the more exotic locations in Europe.

How quickly will I receive my items? - If a courier can be arranged, within a few days; however do note that this isn't a giant warehouse with teams of people available, it is just me and I have to fit things around other work. My "real" job involves long, often irregular hours and trips away, but I try to keep one day a week free as a "courier day".

How can I pay for an item? - I accept PayPal, UK buyers are welcome to pay in cash and collect, please give me some notice if this is your intention. "Pay Now" buttons are included for each item. There is no basket option, if you would like to buy multiple items with a discount for postage please send an email, leave a comment, or contact me through the OneOneTwo Facebook Page.

What about larger items, like flight cases? - Small components are sent by post, individual pieces of equipment are sent by courier. The largest item I have sent was a set of six speakers in a road trunk flight case, the only suitable method was via a pallet courier service. However such items are not cheap to send within the UK, let alone further afield. As a rule, anything over 1 metre long or weighing more than 15 kg will create issues.

Do you have an on-line shop? - If I had a constantly inventory this would be worth my while to set up, however I don't. Consider what's available to be more of a rummage / boot sale.

How long have you been selling stuff? - I have been quietly trading excess stock for the last 40 years, the first item I ever sold was my Action Man collection when I was 9 years old and since then I have never looked back. It is so much easier to find buyers now than before the Internet was ubiquitous!

When will there be fresh stock for sale? - I have no plans to replenish my stock, when the stores are finally empty this blog will have served its purpose and I intend to move elsewhere. It is an often used cliche but... "When it's gone, it's gone".


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