Monday 6 May 2019

For Sale - 2SC382 Vintage Semiconductor Transistors - £0.99 for 10

The 2SC382 is a Silicon NPN Semiconductor Transistor, its specifications are as follows:

Type Designator - 2SC382
Material of transistor - Si
Polarity - NPN
Maximum collector power dissipation (Pc) - 0.15 W
Maximum collector-base voltage |Ucb| - 40 V
Maximum emitter-base voltage |Ueb| - 2 V
Maximum collector current |Ic max| - 0.05 A
Maximum junction temperature (Tj) - 125 °C
Transition frequency (ft) - 275 MHz
Collector capacitance (Cc) - 3 pF
Forward current transfer ratio (hFE) - min: 80
Noise Figure - TBC dB
Package of 2SC382 transistor - TO98

You can download the full data sheet here

For sale - 2SC382 transistors for driver and muting circuits

The 2SC382 was noted for applications as a driver and in muting circuits.

Get yours now, whilst stocks last, 10 for just 99p.

Delivery within the UK is £2.99, I can send to Europe and Worldwide too; but please ask for a quote first, as rates vary greatly between countries and are prone to rapid price fluctuations. Items will be sent in a padded "Jiffy Bag" type envelope to ensure safe delivery.

Send a message or leave a comment if you have any enquiries. 
17/02/20 - 50+ in stock


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