Tuesday 23 October 2018

For Sale - NASCAR Racing Vintage PC Game - £15

NASCAR Racing is one of the most popular sports in America today, this fast-growing sport reaches thousands of new fans every week. This acclaimed video game brings the adrenaline rush of racing at speeds of 170 Mph to your vintage DOS PC platform.

For sale - NASCAR Racing vintage PC game - £15

Wikipedia has the following to say about NASCAR racing...
NASCAR Racing is a video game developed by Papyrus Design Group and published by Virgin for the PC. A PlayStation version was released in 1996 by Sierra On-Line.
NASCAR Racing was released in the fall of 1994 for DOS personal computers. It featured more than 25 of the 40 regular drivers in the 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Notable absences included Dale Earnhardt (who would go on to win the Winston Cup that year), Bill Elliott, Dale Jarrett, Kyle Petty and Darrell Waltrip, although the latter's brother, Michael, was included.
The game let the player race with up to 38 other cars (32 on shorter tracks like Bristol and Martinsville) and it also offered multiplayer action via direct links (one computer connected to another via a LAN) and also through an online system owned by Papyrus called Hawaii.

The CD-ROM version of the game also offered a SVGA graphics mode which was accessible through the command prompt (by entering "nascar -h"), but it was too demanding for many of the computers of its age, mostly 486 and early Pentium PCs. hardware accelerated versions were later created and bundled with the Matrox Millennium and Diamond Edge 3D."
You can read more about this game here.

For sale - NASCAR Racing vintage PC game - £15

The box contains the original disk. It is in good condition without any obvious signs of use, it is priced at £15, the price includes delivery within the UK. I can send to Europe and the USA, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.


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