Tuesday 7 October 2014

Sold - Budget Road Trunk Flight Cases - £80 each

Following this post I was told that for some, £99 for a road trunk flight case is still too expensive, so what could I do for £80? Ever keen to please, I can offer this pair of flight cases at £80 each, but absolutely no further offers or haggling all-right!

Budget road trunks for sale - big enough for 6 small speakers

They were used for carrying 3 pairs of EV Sx80 speakers as a modular show item. I will need to confirm the dimensions, but I believe them to be; 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm, a very practical size.

Budget road trunks for sale - a practical size

The flight case is constructed from ply, covered in a satin grey, plastic, veneer. The hinged lid is secured by 2 large, recessed, industrial grade butterfly catches, complemented by 4 spring loaded recessed flip handles, heavy duty corners and 4 x 100mm castors with non-marking wheels.

Budget road trunks for sale - plywood internal dividers can be removed

There is some minor surface patina on the metal parts and bits of wear and tear, but everything works properly. There are lightweight plywood internal dividers and foam which can be removed prior to sale if you want them. They were originally owned by Promuseast and still have the odd stencilled logo or two and the original tour label, as with other items for sale here, these will be removed.

Budget road trunks for sale -still in good condition

This type of heavy duty road trunk style flight case would cost from £200 upwards new. I have priced this at £80 for a speedy sale, the castors alone would cost around £80.

I can arrange personal delivery for the following cost:
  • Within the M25 - No charge
  • 50 miles from London (e.g. Brighton) - £20
  • 100 miles from London (e.g. Coventry) - £30
  • 200 miles from London (e.g. Sheffield) - £60
  • 300 miles from London (e.g. Newcastle) - £90
If you want to inspect them before making a purchase drop me a line via the contact page here


19/10/14 - One has been "dibbed" awaiting payment, still one more left.
23/10/14 - One sold, only one more left, be quick people.
04/04/19 - Sold out


  1. i work for Southern Van Lines at belevedere in London
    will you be able to drop it off there?

  2. Yes, no problem it's a short distance by car.