Monday 3 December 2018

For Sale - Folsom PresentationPRO Seamless Switcher - £99

This is a Folsom PresentationPRO seamless switcher, Folsom are part of the Barco family of products, a world renowned brand for high end commercial and medical visual devices. We have used these switchers at many live events to seamless alternate between various laptop computers, cameras and sundry media playback devices.

For sale - Folsom PresentationPRO Seamless Switcher - £99

The Folsom PresentationPRO has 7 multi purpose inputs which can accept; composite, RGB, YUV, S-Video (Y/C), or NTSC/PAL video formats, furthermore any still input image can be stored on "input" 8 for recall later. This can be very useful as a "safe" button to go to in the event of equipment failure or operator error.
It has 2 outputs which can vary between a variety of common screen resolutions including HD 720p.

Although many of the features of the Folsom PresentationPRO have waned in a professional environment it could be just the thing for any retro technology enthusiast wishing upscale composite or S-video signals to 720p HD format for use with more recent screen technology. It is also the ideal way to share a collection of up to 7 retro devices between a single screen.

For sale - Barco PresentationPRO seamless switcher - £99

It is still in good working condition and was last used on an event in November 2018. It is priced at £99, the price even includes delivery within the UK. I can send to some European locations too, but please ask for a quote first as this could be quite a high sum.

Further information, tech specs, etc. can be found here. If you have enquiries, leave a comment or message me via the contact page here.


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