Tuesday 22 April 2014

Sold - Sennheiser VHF Tie Clip Radio Microphone 2 of 2 - £69

So this the second of two VHF radio microphone kits I have to clear. Some might regard these items as being somewhat archaic, but Sennheiser are the Rolls Royce of microphone manufacturers and even the oldest and most budget orientated models will perform better than a great deal of inexpensive modern equipment from certain parts of the World.

These are VHF units and utilise shared frequencies that aren't subject to any of the recent re-allocation of the radio spectrum and are unlikely to be sold off for mobile use in the foreseeable future. This unit can be switched to work on either of two frequencies, in this instance; 173.800 or 174.100 Mhz.

VHF radio mic kit - this set can operate on 173.800 or 174.100 Mhz

There is an On/Off switch on the transmitter and an attenuator that will drop the signal going to the pre-amp to enable the unit to be used with high level signals, such as acoustic musical instruments. I recall seeing these used successfully with brass and woodwind instruments. It is powered by a 9 Volt PP3 battery, with a good alkaline one it will give around 6 hours of continuous use.

The transmitter antenna is captive and can't be removed, so it's one less connection to break or get lost. The tie clip (lavalier) microphone is detachable and uses a Lemo connector, you can find out more about Lemo connectors for radio microphones here.

The receiver unit has meters to show received RF (radio) and AF (audio) levels, which of the two antennae are active and that the unit is receiving power. Squelch is adjustable by a front mounted pot. Power is supplied by a separate "wall wart" type unit, it is conceivable that you could also power the receiver from a battery supply or vehicle "cigarette lighter" socket for location recording and film work (adapters not supplied).
There are output jacks on the back panel for balanced XLR fixed microphone level or 1/4" jack with a variable line level adjusted by a trim pot.

Two of these units can be locked together and will take up a single unit of rack space, I should be able to find you a suitable tray if this option is of interest to you.

VHF radio mic kit - just £69 for the entire kit including flight case

As there is now so much competition from (in my opinion) cheap inferior equipment from the Far East I have priced these modestly to sell at just £69 for the entire kit, which includes a lightweight flight case. Note that unlike similar systems at this price point found on eBay, this is a true diversity system with two aerials and receiver circuits to guarantee the best possible reception. The aerials can be extended to further improve reception, if you are going to be some distance from a stage or want to locate the receiver inside a rack or shielded control room. If you can find a better deal, drop me a line via the contact page and I will do my best to match it.

It will be supplied in a small lightweight flight case, with padded foam cut outs for the receiver, transmitter, power supply and a couple of batteries. The original hard copy operator's manual will also be included.

Carriage by courier is now included in the price.


05/11/2016 - Now sold


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