Friday 9 August 2013

Sold - Heavy Duty Road Trunk Flight Cases - £89 each

As promised in my last post, it is now time to switch from the microscopic world of components to a series of posts about the very macroscopic world of flight cases.

On offer is a matching pair of road trunk flight cases, which can be purchased individually or together. Their dimensions are; 75cm x 57cm x 57cm, which is a very handy size, I once managed to fit both of them into the boot space of my Citroen Berlingo and still leave space for all five occupants or plenty of other gear.

Flight cases for sale - satin black diamond pattern ply

The cases are constructed from heavy duty ply, covered in a satin black, diamond pattern, finish.

With; 4 large recessed industrial grade butterfly catches, no fewer than 10 spring loaded recessed flip handles, heavy duty 6-rivet ball corners, birch ply wheel boards (black finish) with 4 x 100mm castors and industry standard ‘Guitel’ non-marking blue wheels, they are substantial items.

100mm Guitel  castors - non-marking blue wheels.

There is foam lining remaining from their original purpose, ensuring maximum protection for delicate items whilst in transit, obviously this can be removed for extra space for cables, etc.

A marine ply tray is included which sits on top of the foam lining, it is strong enough to be used as a step.

Marine ply tray - strong enough to be used as a step

There was some surface patination from storage in an unheated area, so I have taken the liberty of running over the worst of it with a burnishing tool where feasible. This has smartened up their appearance and they shouldn't shame you whether you next gig is at the local pub or a 5 star hotel.

Flight cases for sale - smart enough for 5 star hotel

They have no corporate branding logos or sign writing on them, there are a few minor marks on the top from the position of the original tour labels.

Once used to hold a pair of Barco video projectors and their associated accessories, I re-cycled them as road trunks. There is plenty of space for cables in the bottom section, whilst the trays are very useful for patch leads or smaller accessories like effects pedals or D.I. boxes. As the pictures below will show; a Roland JC85 (2 x 10" combo) fits and even my Sessionette 90 (monster 2 x 12" combo) would fit comfortably with thinner foam.

Roland JC85 - fits with space to spare

Sessionette 90 2 x 12" combo - would fit comfortably

This type of heavy duty road trunk style flight case would cost from £200 upwards new. I have priced these at £89 each for a speedy sale, the castors alone would cost around £80 and they are virtually in new condition.

I can arrange personal delivery for the following cost:
  • Within the M25 - No charge
  • 50 miles from London (e.g. Brighton) - £20
  • 100 miles from London (e.g. Coventry) - £30
  • 200 miles from London (e.g. Sheffield) - £60
  • 300 miles from London (e.g. Newcastle) - £90
If you want to inspect them before making a purchase drop me a line via the contact page here


30/12/13 - Currently under negotiation for sale as a pair.
02/01/14 - Both Units Now Sold


  1. Have you still got these? If so would you reduce a bit for the pair of them? Please e-mail me on..

    Thanks, Matt.

    1. Matt, they sold at the end of last week, there will be more to come and I will mail you some pictures before they go on public view.

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