Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Time Out - New Year and no hangover

It was an unusual New Year's Eve, back doing one of my favourite things, mixing live music and for once at a prestigious location, viz. The Bluebird Cafe, on trendy King's Road, London.

It was a combined New Year's party and wedding reception. It was certainly the poshest private party I've ever worked at, if you didn't have a double barrelled name you weren't on the list. Kudos to the country's elite, they definitely partied like it was 1999.

The funk band were the loudest I've ever had to contend with, leaving about 5 Kw of ElectroVoice sound system teetering on the edge of clipping, yet they still wanted more, more and even more level.

I thought I could relax after midnight when they handed over to the DJ, so I found a cosy couch to relax on and monitor the system in a horizontal position. I'm no slacker but it was 14 hours into the working day by then.

Within minutes my reverie was rudely disturbed by a guest waving his mobile phone at me and asking if I had a lead to fit it? I hunted out a spare charging lead only to be told that it was a sound lead he needed, so he could do an impromptu karaoke number! To be fair, sans rehearsal, he crooned an excellent medley.

As I was driving back, there was no hangover to contend with this morning and my hearing has recovered unscathed. But perhaps I should buy myself a mail order title before the next event?

Mark Kinnon-Deseife (Lord).


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