Saturday, 28 September 2013

Time Out - Don't try this at home kids

In my youth, whilst on holiday in rural France and armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, I can recall working on a live 220 volt domestic electricity circuit because:
  1. The building had just a single 16A circuit breaker for everything; lights, power, the lot.
  2. A female, who shall remain nameless, but dwelling under the same roof, had such bad P.M.T. that shutting off power for even an hour would have incurred the full force of her wrath and needless to say, it would have all been my fault
Luckily, I was young enough to have a strong heart and survived the odd jolt. These days we understand P.M.T. better and also take a more robust attitude towards electrical safety as the following video demonstrates.

Oh and seriously... don't try this at home children.


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