Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Time Out - Beardyman & the Beardytron 5000

So that's it for the transistors, all stock has now been listed and it's time for a quick break.

Whilst sifting my way through all those tedious datasheets, I kept myself awake by watching the very talented Beardyman on YouTube. His act has really evolved in the last couple of years, he made his name as a wizard of vocal sound effect impersonations and a master beat boxer. But recently he has moved things up a notch and has created a bespoke live audio looping production system, the Beardytron 5000 mkII. Not only can he multitrack his own voice on the fly, he can also mangle it into whole other dimensions.

Beardyman - can multi-track his own voice on the fly

I was very surprised to see that he has even presented at the illustrious TED lectures, with a short talk entitled "The Polyphonic Me" as this video shows:

Back here on the blog, next I will be changing scale from tiny components to great big flight cases for storing and transporting all your precious equipment.


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